GAMC Supports and Protects the Interests of the Georgia Vending and Refreshment Services Industry

Welcome to Georgia Automatic Merchandising Council's (GAMC) web site. We are a trade association made up of vending companies, product and equipment suppliers, distributors and manufacturers, to promote the vending industry.  We are proud to be chartered by the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) and a very active member of the Southeastern Vending Association (SEVA).  Members of the industry will find information on this site to support networking in the community, updates on legislative change and materials designed to support ethical business development and strong customer relationships.

Businesses interested in establishing a relationship with a vending operator will find information on GAMC member companies, guidance on the types of service available and tips on choosing the right vendor for their particular vending needs.

Look for the GAMC Seal to be assured that the vending operator is in good standing with GAMC and has adopted the BUSINESS AND ETHICAL STANDARDS OF THE GEORGIA AUTOMATIC MERCHANDISING COUNCIL. 


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Membership in GAMC

There are multiple types of membership in GAMC. Each membership is designed to support a particular business category. Membership is open to:

GAMC is a non-profit organization. All proceeds associated with membership, sponsorships, events and advertising are used to develop educational and organizational programs, legislative review and analysis and to strengthen the industry and support positive vendor/community relationships.