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GAMC Supports and Protects the Interests of the Georgia Vending and Refreshment Services Industry

GAMC is again offering a scholarship for $3175 to the NAMA EDP program October 19-23, 2014 at Michigan State University to all companies that are current members of GAMC and NAMA.

The NAMA/MSU Executive Development Program is designed for senior level executives and business owners as well as high potential and mid-level managers who have significant general management and functional responsibility in the Vending, Coffee Service, Foodservice and related industries.  

This unique program provides a comprehensive look at current successful business practices in these industries, including the environment in which a vending, coffee service, and foodservice company operates, and the key functional areas of management. The NAMA Executive Development Program is taught by a group of MSU’s most distinguished faculty, along with speakers with excellent knowledge of and backgrounds in their fields. For further information, visit