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Membership Types

GAMC Supports and Protects the Interests of the Georgia Vending and Refreshment Services Industry

Companies providing vending, coffee service and foodservice management services to business, industry, educational, health care and public locations.

Firms that are manufacturers of vendible products; coffee brewers; rebuilders, remanufacturers or renovators of vending machines serving operator companies; manufacturers of conversion kits, components and other supplies used by vending, coffee service and foodservice operators.

Firms that are manufacturers of merchandise vending machines that are coin-operated or accept cashless payment.

Companies who maintain inventory on their premises as they represent makers of product and equipment for the vending, coffee service, and foodservice industry.

Broker Member is an independent manufacturer’s representatives appointed to act as their exclusive sales agent in an assigned geographic area.

Companies or individuals providing personal or corporate services to the vending, coffee service and foodservice industry such as advertising agencies; financial institutions; engineering, research and development; insurance; purchasing cooperative organizations, and management consultants. Also original equipment manufacturers of parts and components sold only to vending, coffee and foodservice machine manufacturers.