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Coffee Services

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OCS: An acronym for Office Coffee Service, a specialized service provided  by an operator who offers equipment, coffee products, and related (allied) products to offices and other locations. Some OCS is very basic, offering traditional burner machines and a minimal selection of other products, while other services are quite sophisticated, using high-technology equipment that brews each cup individually and offers a variety of other hot beverage selections.


There is an amazing variety of equipment available today for coffee service.  The images below are just a few of the available systems that can be provided depending on the size of your organization and the breadth of the options you want to make available to your employees.

Coffee drinkers are passionate and they are asking for better coffee in the work place. Single cup coffee offers great variety and a quality cup of coffee. Standard batch brewers give you the opportunity¬†provide a premium drink for pennies per employee. Both of these options will enhance the experience your coffee consumers enjoy in the workplace.